Tool to ensure that training is targeted and adds value to the organisation

A detailed training needs analysis (TNA) will ensure that any training you provide is in line with your company’s goals and strategy for future growth. It will also identify the knowledge, skills and attitudes which individualsrequire to meet their own and their organisation’s development.

A thorough TNA will investigate key priorities and performance goals, eliminate obstacles to training, identify gaps in competenceand provide solutions. In addition, a TNA will ensure relevance of training content, transfer of learning and evaluation of training.

The outcome will be a comprehensive and targeted training plan with specific learning objectives and evaluation criteria that supports business strategy, goals and objectives.


  • Organisations with limited HR capability.
  • Organisations undergoing change or growth.
  • Organisations who are restructuring.
  • Organisations considering conducting training.


  • Training supports business strategy, goals and objectives.
  • Buy in is gained from the top down.
  • Energies and resources are focused in the right place.
  • Course content is relevant.
  • Staff are given the opportunity to experiment and apply new learning.
  • You will have clear training objec-tives with indicators for success.
  • You will have clear training evaluation criteria.
  • Investment in training will be time and money well spent.