Design and implementation of “best practice” HRM systems


If organisations are to meet business challenges, the HR foundation needs to be strong, well planned and in line with the organisation’s strategic plans. Well-documented and clearly communicated HRM systems help your organisation to maintain a productive working environment, internalequity, a high standard of conduct, sound business ethics and standardised procedures. We assist you with the design and implementation of your organisation’s HRM systems focusing on international best practice. We ensure that the system is sustainable and communicated, by coaching stakeholders on the practicalities and use of the new system and by assisting with change management. Who

  • Organisations that are designing, improving or implementing HRM systems.
  • Organisations with limited HR capability.
  • Post merger organisations.
  • Start-up organisations.


  • Efficient and quick way to implement best practice HRM systems.
  • Reduces the requirement to take on expensive permanent HR staff.
  • Reduces impact to the organisation.
  • Sustainable system that is clearly communicated and understood.