Tool to enable individual development and increased performance

An effective training course is one that is tailor-made and structured to meet individual’s and the organisation’s specific needs. To ensure the success of the training course it is often necessary to use external facilitation from a trained and experienced facilitator.

Our professional and experienced facilitators work with your management and participants to ensure the success of your organisation’s training course. We develop tailor made training that effectively improves your staffs’ skills, knowledge and attitude. Our experienced facilitators adopt a “train—assignment—coach” approach, utilising a combination of real life case studies, activities, group discussions, debriefi ng and feedback in an active forum. This approach means the participants benefi t from practical application of the learning, reinforced by coaching from our experienced facilitators.


  • Organisations that are planning in-house training that would benefit from external facilitation.
  • Organisations that have limited in-house trainer capability.


  • Expertise provided where capability does not exist in-house.
  • A learner-centred approach which encourages two-way learning and the ownership of the learning process by participants.
  • Practical application of learning in a relevant work environment.
  • Builds confi dence, shortens learning curves, clarifies expectations, and boosts employeeretention.
  • Increases the attractiveness of the organisation to prospective employees.