A framework that communicates required behaviours for success within your organisation


A competency framework is a clear matrix of behaviours required for success at all levels within the organisation. Competencies are defined in the same way across the whole organisation with staff assessed against defined and agreed standards.

We assist you to design a transparent competency framework that reflects your organisation’s culture and expectations of employees. We also work with you to communicate and implement the framework, whilst coaching managers to understand and utilize the framework


  • Organisations that do not have a competency framework.
  • Organisations that would like to tailor their global framework to the Vietnamese context


  • Improves consistency in how people are treated.
  • Improves communication of expectations.
  • Improves stakeholder relationships.
  • Establishes high standards of quality.
  • Focuses the development of people towards the correct competencies.
  • Translates the organisation’s values and culture into everyday actions.