Tool for identifying the right person for the job


The assessment center is based on job related simulations or mock situations. Exercises could include, group and individual tasks, interviews and / or analytical exercises. Assessment centres have been proven to be the most effective way of identifying and assessing talent, as past behaviour is the best predictor of future performance. We assist you with the development of tailor made activities that effectivelyassess your candidates skills and behaviours. Candidates are evaluated in a fair, systematic, objective and reliable manner.


  • Organisations conducting volume recruitment.
  • Organisations anticipating large numbers of applicants.
  • During the shortlisting phase for critical roles.
  • Organisations identifying employees for a “talent pool” or “fast-track program.”
  • Organisations identifying employees suitability for promotion


  • Quick and thorough method to process large numbers of candidates.
  • Cost effective.
  • Frees up the organisation’s HR and executive staff.
  • Clear and fair process.
  • Presents the companin a positive and professional manner.
  • Best performers are identified in accordance with the desired behaviours